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Here you will find all the help you need in our handy instructional videos. Learn how to make a hectographic stencil, apply Jagua and much more....

How To...  
have fun and enjoy your tattoos
  How to make a tattoo stencil
This video shows you how to create a tattoo stencil/transfer using our hectograph pencil. The hectograph pencil can make a simple and easy to follow outline from any tattoo design. So all you have to do is trace over it with you Jagua or Henna. what could be easier!
These magic pencils are widely used by tattoo artists round the world and make that professional stencil accessible to everyone without the expense of a thermal copier, what a great alternative!
Many of our Jagua kits include a hectograph pencil but you can also buy them individually here...  
  How to use an Application Cone
In this video we show you how to cut and use one of our plastic application cones (often called carrot bags). These handy bags are great for Henna and Jagua as they are light weight, re-usable and give really fine lines.
These are included free in all of our Jagua kits but you can also get a 10 pack here...  
0 How To Apply Jagua Gel
Coming very soon is our new instructional video on how to apply Jagua gel. So you will be able see just how easy it is to apply!

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